Treatment Options

Bone Rebuilding

Often patients present with fractured or loose teeth. This often results in bone loss in the affected area. In these cases we try to rebuild the bone to reproduce the natural contours of the teeth and gums.

This is often achieved using a small piece of bone taken from the lower jaw using normal local anaesthetic, sometimes with intra venous sedation. This bone is left in place for a few months before the implant treatment continues in the normal way.

In the upper jaw the sinuses take up a large proportion of the space at the back of the mouth. When the teeth in this region are lost the sinuses can enlarge and the bone available for implants is lost.

It is possible to rebuild this bone prior to placing implants using a technique known as sinus grafting. The fibrous lining of the sinus can be gently lifted and natural or artificial bone placed underneath.

This bone is converted into natural bone over a period of about 4 months. We can then place implants into this bone and place crowns or bridges on top.

This case was treated with a bone graft from the lower jaw and 2 implants.

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