Introducing the Revolutionary I-Cat CT Scanner

At Advance Implant Clinic we pride ourselves on providing the most up to date technology available in the dental world and this time we’ve really pulled out all the stops by investing in the I-cat CT Scanner.

Our I-Cat CT Scanner was installed in August and is one of only six machines in the U.K. The machine was imported from the USA where the technology has been available for the last few years.

The I-Cat takes incredibly precise x-ray images of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, jaw joints and any other relevant anatomy of the head and neck in a fraction of the time and with up to 30x less radiation than conventional hospital scanners.

The images, produced in only a matter of seconds, can be used to measure the amount of bone available for dental implants. Also using the built in software we can check the quality of the bone prior to treatment.

By seeing the jaw bone in 3D it is possible to plan all the treatment in advance so that the patient and dentist knows exactly what to expect if surgery is required.

The scanner also gives us vital information regarding buried teeth such as wisdom teeth and a clear 3D picture of the jaw joints and sinuses.

Unlike the hospital tunnel type scanners the I-Cat is much more user friendly, most scans only take 20 seconds, much like a normal large dental x-ray.

It is integral in providing the information required for our ‘teeth in a day service’ where we can replace all the teeth or a denture with dental implants in less than 2 hours.

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