We often use dental implants to stabilise a loose denture or to hold a new denture firmly in place creating excellent aesthetics and comfort for the patient.

In the lower jaw we can use 2-4 implants and 4-6 implants in the upper jaw.

In the upper jaw it is often possible to cut way the majority of the plate to make speak and taste more effective.

Upper jaw

This lady presented with a number of failing teeth. We decided to place 4 implants and to construct a gold bar to clip the new denture to.

Lower Jaw

In the lower jaw it is often possible to use 4 implants to create a stable denture in just one simple visit, this is often used when the existing denture looks good but is loose.

The procedure involves the placement of 4 implants and gold caps inserted into the inside of the denture. This creates immediate stabilisation of the problematic lower denture sometimes in just 1 hour.

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