Treatment Options

Single Tooth Implants

Implants are the first choice for many people and are particularly suited to single missing teeth.

Implants can be used to produce a natural appearance at the front or back of the mouth. They will also help to prevent further loss of bone and the subsequent change in the facial form.

A single missing tooth in the front of the mouth could be replaced in a number of ways.


An implant replaces a missing tooth and is an independent restoration. It has the advantage that it stimulates bone to stay and get stronger. This is something that will not happen with any other option.

Single missing back teeth can be restored in a similar way as follows:

Conventional Bridges

Although widely used for many years, conventional bridges can cause damage to the adjacent teeth as these teeth need to be drilled down to hold the bridge in place.

When a conventional bridge fails there is often another tooth that will require removal due to fracture or decay, making the space even larger.

Removable Partial Denture

A removable denture can cause problems with the other teeth in the mouth such as gum disease or tooth decay if not maintained correctly. They may also drop unexpected sometimes causing embarrassment.

Adhesive bridges

These are secured by bonding to the adjacent teeth on either side and are effective at replacing a missing tooth. They can fall off and often don’t last indefinitely especially when there is a strong bite.

We often use this technique to replace a missing tooth during the healing phase implant treatment.

This young lady needed a tooth removed after the root fractured, so a temporary adhesive bridge was fitted when the tooth was removed.

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